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Hello, I’m H&R Blog with another of my 77 reasons why freelance writers need to be blogging.

Reason No. 22: What’s true for this guy will also be true for you. Whatever you post on your blog stays there, archived, for as long as you want it to stay there, or until human civilization is wiped out by a nuclear holocaust and the planet comes to be dominated by a race of intelligent simians, in which case nobody will care why you thought Rob Roy was the greatest swordfight movie ever made. 

That’s why it’s so hilarious to hear newspaper types dismiss blogging as something without staying power, as compared with writing a column for your local paper. Unless you write for a really big paper, or a high-profile magazine, you’ll get paid peanuts, you’ll never be entirely sure who is or how many are reading you, and after a few days your writing will be tucked away behind one of the firewalls newspapers go in for, with a lame search engine that ensures anyone who wants to track down your column a few years from now will only be able to find it by accident, if at all. The hard copy, meanwhile, will head for the nearest recycling transfer station or landfill.         

Having a well-tended blog is waaay better than writing a column for your local newspaper. Again, unless you write for a big well-paying venue, you might as well have your writing out there on the Internet, clearly accessible, showing everybody how witty/insightful/stylish you are and contributing to your reputation instead of building the circulation for somebody else’s newspaper, which is probably going to go out of business soon anyway. And then what will happen to your work?

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