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Call for clickage!

Friends, Romans, web surfers . . . lend me your clicks! My blog entry “The Sociopathic Swordsman” is one of the nominees in the 3 Quarks Daily arts and literature competition, and I’m up against some scary good writers. I need your help! Just head over to the list of nominees and give me some clickness. You will be repaid tenfold in good karma.

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Attention bloggers!

The good people at 3 Quarks Daily are once again hosting a competition to pick the best arts and literature blog posts of the past year. The entries are to be judged by the estimable novelist Gish Jen, and nominations are still open. You can even nominate one of your own posts, which is what I did just now.

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Quark, linkness, and charm

3 Quarks Daily has launched a series of annual prizes in four areas of Internet writing. The competition for best blog post in science is already open; Arts & Literature, Politics, and Philosophy will follow. I’m not suggesting that anybody nominate any of my posts —┬ánot suggesting it too hard, anyway — but I applaud the thinking behind the contest, and I’m happy to publicize it.

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