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In the company of dicks

Ever seen Neil LaBute’s movie, In the Company of Men? I think Neil LaBute forecast the turn movement conservatism was about to take:

When CNN reporter Abbie Boudreau flew to Maryland to meet with James O’Keefe, she thought she was meeting him in his office to talk about a documentary she was working on about young conservatives. Instead, she found herself at his house, where his organization’s executive director was near tears as she warned Boudreau that O’Keefe was trying to lure her onto his boat in order to seduce her in front of hidden cameras in order to “punk” CNN.

O’Keefe is the protege of Andrew Breitbart, the grubby little smear merchant who ran doctored videos of Shirley Sherrod a couple of months ago.

Now that Tom Six is wrapping up his first sequel to The Human Centipede, I suggest he cast Breitbart and O’Keefe as the middle and end pieces should The Human Centipede 3 ever take form.

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Pass the popcorn

This is going to be more fun than a Newt Gingrich presidential run and a Sarah Palin talk show rolled into one. Shirley Sherrod, who was forced out of her government job after Internet smear merchant Andrew Breitbart posted a maliciously edited video of her speaking to the NAACP, is going to sue the little scumball.

What makes this so much entertainment potential is that Breitbart, acting with the arrogant stupidity that has become the hallmark of most high-profile wingnuts, has effectively convicted himself of defaming Sherrod in his numerous media appearances since he posted the clip on his Big Government site. A five minute tour of video clips will give even a marginally competent lawyer all the ammo he needs to clean Breitbart’s clock.

I hope Sherrod also goes after FoxNoise, which had a field day with the edited clip. It would be naive to think that any court judgment will significantly impair the finances of either Breitbart or his fellow sleazesters — there are plenty of Daddy Wingbucks types ready to write checks — but it would be good to see a change in the consequence-free environment these hacks have enjoyed up to now.

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