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Radio Radio

Ann White and Pam Stack will have me on their Internet radio show this Friday, June 29, at 3:30 p.m. The main subject will be my novel We All Fall Down, though the talk will probably broaden to include the next two or three books looming on the horizon for next year. My man J.D. Rhoades (whose blurb graces the cover of We All Fall Down) has already spent some quality time with Ann and Pam — listen to it here.

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Look who’s blogtalking

I’ve been interviewed on blogs and I’ve been interviewed on radio, but this Thursday evening will mark my debut on BlogTalkRadio. The show is “Sian and Cathy’s Chat Time,” and it happens April 19 — that’s right, this Thursday — at 6 p.m. EST. Here’s the link. The topic will be . . . well, you know, me. Specifically my two books and the two others that are either in the works or trembling on the verge of printed reality. And just to make the event even more . . . um, eventful, I’m going to make the Kindle edition of my crime novel We All Fall Down available for free on Thursday and Friday, ’cause that’s how we roll down this way. 

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