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Tech-tempus fugit

When DVDs were introduced a while back, I felt no great urgency to get a player: I’d spent plenty of money on the VCR and videotapes, so I was inclined to take my time, though even then I understood that VHS is not a preservation medium. The experience of the first wave of compact discs, which despite all the squawking about superior sound were usually no better and sometimes demonstrably inferior to vinyl LPs in the Eighties, made me reluctant to join the steeplechase race of consumer electronics.

Of course, CDs improved, and the flood of previously hard-to-find music as record labels churned their catalogues for product, made a believer out of me. What converted me to the DVD way of life was the release of the extended editions of Peter Jackson’s three Lords of the Rings films, which I not only had to see but own as well.

So maybe this will be the spur that leads me to buy a Blu-Ray player.

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