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Behind the curve

When I read this description of Tom Wolfe’s imminent fourth novel, Back to Blood, my first reaction was: I thought Carl Hiaasen wrote this already. Several times, in fact. Along with James W. Hall, Charles Willeford, Edna Buchanan and all the other Florida Noir authors who’ve been wringing the state dry for stories since the Eighties. It’s kind of sad to see the man in the ice cream suit lagging so far behind the Zeitgeist on this, like Elton John releasing his disco album after even the Bee Gees had moved on.

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Roguetry in motion

Carl Hiaasen, eminent muckraker and novelist, reveals to the world a secret communication between Sarah Palin and the publisher of her soon-to-be excreted “memoir,” Going Rogue:  

2. The mainland of Russia is indeed visible from parts of western Alaska during favorable weather conditions in the Bering Straits. Considering the ridicule you endured over this issue during the campaign, your desire to set the record straight is understandable.

Still, 78 pages is a big chunk of the book. Perhaps it’s possible to deal with the I-can-see-Russia controversy a bit more succinctly.

3. Our researchers can find no evidence that Tina Fey belongs to the Taliban. Could you send us the sourcing for that reference?

4. John McCain’s campaign staff is vehemently denying the incident you describe in Chapter 13. Perhaps you could provide our legal department with the names of persons who actually witnessed the senator placing the duct tape over your mouth.

5. Even though you quit with 18 months remaining in your term, your achievements as Alaska’s governor will be of great interest to your readers and political supporters.

How about expanding that section of the book to a full chapter?

Looks like they’ll be editing this turkey right up to the last minute.

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