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Robert Olen Butler at Noircon

I couldn’t make it to Noircon, which makes me all the more determined to get to the 2014 convention. Here’s what I missed the most.

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Friday finds

Miskatonic University Embroidered PatchWant to give this year’s Halloween celebration a Lovecraftian flavor? Then Propnomicon is the site for you.

Now here’s somebody who really does it up brown for Halloween. The Martian invasion alone must have required a second mortgage.

A Chicago boy, Roger Ebert, writes about another Chicago boy, James T. Farrell.

Slaughterhouse-Five, Kurt Vonnegut, and the wages of literary fame.

An evolved writer and thinker talks about evolution.

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s tax returns. John Scalzi considers the economics of the writing market in Fitzgerald’s era, as does Walter Jon Williams.

Writing the life of a writer who has already written his life quite well.

More than most writers, James Tiptree Jr. lived by silence, exile, and cunning — or, in this case, like an opossum.

A close encounter of the Pauline Kael kind.

Naturally, “Low Rider” deserves the top spot for any list of the “Top 10 Cowbell Songs.” But where the hell is “Mississippi Queen”?

Inspired film geekery over at Trailers From Hell, which gives directors a chance to riff about their favorite movies over the trailers for said movies. You get Eli Roth giving mad props to Forbidden Planet, Bill Duke singing the praises of The Spook Who Sat By the Door, Allison Anders rocking out to Privilege, and Larry Cohen getting paranoid over the original Invaders from Mars.

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Friday finds

Dances With Mermaids has been playing her favorite songs from the Lord of the Rings films in preparation for our usual Christmas season marathon viewing — the story is, after all, a pre-Christmas Christmas story. And as “Gollum’s Song” was playing the living room, I came across this piece about why Guillermo del Toro is the perfect choice to direct The Hobbit and Hobbit 2: Electric Boogaloo. I never doubted it for a moment: Pan’s Labyrinth (above) and The Devil’s Backbone show del Toro has no peer as a creator of dark fantasy, and his tough-mindedness will be needed to trim the twee from Tolkien’s book. And I can’t wait to see what the mind that conceived the Pale Man is going to do with Smaug.

Between this book and this book, Charles Dickens is having quite a year.

It appears that all those aspiring authors who thought their good writing would be enough to land them publishing contracts should have been posting YouTube clips instead. It was a pretty nice clip, though, I have to admit.

Life imitates Withnail and I. For that matter, so does Wayne’s World 2.

Finally, someone has taken a fresh look at one of the most famous murder cases in history.

While I’ve been working through my list of Approved Authors for 2008, Madame Mayo has posted her favorite reads for the year. She’s got a book of her own coming out this spring.

BlogBud Joseph Z. is preparing to issue a collection of the best posts from his site. More on this as it developes: meanwhile, here he is reading one of his poems. He admits to using haftarah cantillation instead of the trop for Torah reading, but I think we can cut him some slack this time.

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