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The panda’s connected to kung fu, and the kung fu’s connected to nunchaku, and nunchaku’s connected to Bruce Lee, and . . .

This business of explaining cultural signifiers to your children . . . after a while, you can feel like you’re playing the starring role in If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

Let me explain.

Dances With Mermaids is on her sixth or seventh viewing of Kung Fu Panda, and when she noted my amusement at the fact that the hero is named Po, I ended up explaining the Seventies vintage TV series Kung Fu, and the role played by Master Po. This in turn led me describe the Kung Fu film craze that erupted when Five Fingers of Death and Deep Thrust started playing in drive-ins, which in turn led to me explaining the brief life and extended fame of Bruce Lee, which in turn led me to this clip of Lee playing ping pong with a nunchaku. Along the way, I also had to explain the concept of drive-in movie theaters.

Of course, that was nothing compared with the amount of explaining I had to do when Dances With Mermaids saw her first james Bond movie. But that’s another post.

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