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Big Brother knows what I like

Big Brother’s steady incursions into my privacy have had one beneficial effect: whenever I go to a website with those ads for the zZounds music store, I get bombarded with images of Les Paul-style electric guitars, both of the Epiphone and Gibson varieties. That’s because, for me, guitar ads are the same thing as Page Six girls, and I can’t resist looking even though I can’t afford any of them.

What’s impressive to me is that whatever programming thingy is used on the ads remembers my predilections so thoroughly: the images are always those great, womanly-shaped Les Paul models, even the lower-priced numbers Ibanez puts out. (Look at this Artist model and tell me you don’t want to give it a try.) Only once did I accidentally click on a Fender model, which meant Strats and Teles were sown through the Les Pauls for a while, but now they’re pretty much gone. I can’t deny the appeal of a Stratocaster, but Big Brother knows what makes my heart go pitter-pat.

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