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See you next decade

Say adieu to the year with John Fahey:

Here’s how he did it:

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Your Christmas playlist

How about some Dolemite with that eggnog?

And how about a Bird chaser?

Appropriate this year — not only for me.

A little century-old stop-motion animation from Russia.

Maybe in a few years this will be overplayed and overdone, but right now it’s pretty refreshing.

Heretical of me to say this, but I prefer Brian Setzer’s version to the Chuck Berry original.

Haven’t we all felt this way from time to time?

More people need to hear this song. As for the visuals — I was getting pretty tired of the original, weren’t you?

Greatest Christmas song EVAH.

Heard this one?

A winter’s tale with a twist.

Because around here, John Fahey always gets the last word.

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Blue Monday

Yesterday (that is, Feb. 28) would have been John Fahey’s 71st birthday. Here, to mark the occasion, is a 1978 clip of the man playing “Candy Man” for a German television broadcast.  And because there can never be too many times to sing the praises of one of America’s most original composers and musicians, here’s a bunch more clips:

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Auld Lang Syne

John Fahey shows you how to ring in the New Year, from the DVD Christmas Songs & Holiday Melodies.

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Blue Monday (Watching the Sligo River flow)

I’m trying to master (or at least approximate) one of my favorite John Fahey songs, “Sligo River Blues,” so far without a whole lot of success. It’s interesting to see how many other people are drawn to the tune.

Here’s a lovely, subdued version:

This isn’t so much a cover version as a reinterpretation — quite a pretty one:

Download here to listen to the man himself play it.

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