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A Conservative Martyr is Born, or Soooooo-weeee! Time to Top up the Trough!

In today’s Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish news, conservative political hack Karen Handel has quit the Susan G. Komen Foundation because of the continuing firestorm over its decision to cut funding to Planned Parenthood — a move she spearheaded, according to HuffPo. Ms. Handel announced her departure with the clouds of squid-ink that usually darken the waters whenever a winger gets spooked by the spotlight.

What does it mean? Here comes another piglet for the Wingnut Welfare trough, that’s what it means. What’ll it be next for our Ms. Handel? A ghost-written book of recycled whining that becomes a bulk-order bestseller? A weekly column for WingNutDaily? A cozy sinecure at an unflushed think tank? Conservatives love their make-believe martyrs, and we haven’t heard the last from this one.

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