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Friday finds

Nick discovers the meaning of curds and whey.

Take a tour of book of 2,500 different book covers from 1926 to 1947.

Bat Segundo comes in torrents. Really.

Doc Mooney marks the premiere of It Might Get Loud, a documentary about the electric guitar featuring Jimmy Page, the Edge and Jack White, and offers a prescription for electric guitar bliss.

Christian Bauman gets a terrific profile in Acoustic Live.

The Virginia Quarterly Review is sponsoring a contest to pick the best young book reviewer, “young” meaning below the age of thirty. The winner gets a grand plus a publishing contract for three more reviews at a grand each.  

Michael Gray’s excellent biography of Blind Willie McTell, Hand Me My Travelin’ Shoes, is about to come out in a handsome paperback edition in the U.K. Still no sign of a U.S. edition, but I’ve read the hardcover and I can tell you the book is worth the extra freight for anyone interested in blues, American music and, of course, Bob Dylan, who wrote one of his very best songs about the Georgia bluesman.    

Would you like a signed copy of the most dangerous book of poetry ever written?

Some enterprising soul has posted clips from Dead Ringers, which not only gets my vote as one of David Cronenberg’s best films but also signaled the arrival of Howard Shore as a major film composer. A couple of minutes into this clip you’ll find the bondage interlude, in which Shore’s lush, romantic score helps carry the scene from outrageousness to poignance. I’ve held forth at length on Shore’s work before — click here if you want to read the post.

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Gray study

Michael Gray’s Bob Dylan Encyclopedia is now out in paperback, with updates. Everything I said about the hardcover edition still holds.

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Blue Monday

Utah Phillips is another musician whose work stayed under my radar until his death. In fact, I wouldn’t have heard of him at all except for a glancing mention in Hand Me My Travelin’ Shoes, Michael Gray’s superb biography of bluesman Blind WIllie McTell. On his Web site, Gray takes note of Phillips’ recent passing and reproduces his interview with the man, who had a brief encounter with McTell during the course of long, eventful career.

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