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Am I the only one irritated by the way NBC is covering the Olympic competitions in London? Every time I check in on the TV, I see guys in Speedos snorting chlorine or members of the Little Lolita Leotard League spinning through the air. The scarcity of fencing coverage is my pet peeve, but I’ve heard fans of other sports beefing as well. I’m fine with watching video clips online, but I think the corporate geniuses are missing a trick.

People are interested in watching sports that the U.S. doesn’t dominate, you know, and fencing is awfully cool. Foils, sabres, epees — each weapon has unique qualities and rules, and there’s plenty of tension-and-release drama. Maybe the lightning-fast exchanges confuse the easily confused commentators, whereas swimming meets and beach-blanket volleyball are easy to follow and allow plenty of time for the bloviation that passes for insight with television sports coverage. Maybe somebody should tell the suits that the women in the Italian team could all pass for fashion models, and look rather fetching in their white tunics. I realize I’m grasping at straws here, but I can remember when Olympics coverage wasn’t just USA all the way. C’mon, NBC, throw me a bone. Or better yet, a blade.   

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