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Lit links

Bernie “Berni” Wrightson’s portfolio of illustrations inspired by Edgar Allan Poe. I don’t have to tell you which story belongs to this illustration, do I? As an old Warren Comics fan, I’m always happy to see new work from Wrightson.

The tale of Christopher Hitchens and the eight-year-old girl from Texas. This is a real charmer. As he fights what appears to be (and I hope I’m wrong) a losing battle with cancer, Hitchens is facing the end with dignity, grace, and even that much-abused term, heroism.

A map of the creative process. So now you know what it looks like.

Ry Cooder’s tales of lost Los Angeles. Cooder, a musician’s musician, writes about post-World War II L.A., a much different time and a much different place.

Four brilliant authors and why they’re douchebags. No argument from me about examples Four and One, though there are actually much better reasons for condemning Four (though the one cited is pretty appalling), and One is such a public dick it’s almost too easy to spotlight him. But the item on Two is pretty unfair: the collected letters show him making enormous personal strides in his later years, and even he was embarrassed by his earlier self. And I wouldn’t call Three a douchebag simply because he writes about douchebags, though I’m willing to hear evidence to the contrary.

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