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Friday finds

When people say they don’t like Ernest Hemingway’s work, they usually mean they don’t like his carefully cultivated man’s man image. That’s understandable, but it’s not exactly fair to Hemingway’s work — or, for that matter, to Hemingway himself, as Clancy Sigal reminds us.

I want my Wire lunchbox!

The most collectible book in the Harlan Ellison catalogue doesn’t even have Harlan Ellison’s name on it.

“The real problem is the dickishness of our mainstream political analysis, especially from the ‘savviest’ practitioners. Back during my days as media critic, I argued in Breaking the News and a related Atlantic cover story that the laziest and ultimately most destructive form of political coverage came when journalists seemed to imagine that they were theater critics or figure-skating judges. The what of public affairs didn’t interest them. All they cared about was the how.

I’ve known some administrators like this.

When I heard the premise of the new “children’s book,” Go the F*ck to Sleep, I laughed long and loud, which was appropriate — the book is a steam-release valve, as anyone who’s raised children will recognize. Unfortunately, the book is out in the world now, and as such becomes fodder for columns by the humor-impaired.

All of Ray Harryhausen stop-motion creatures in one video clip. And while we’re we’re at it, here’s another tribute to the man, because before the special-effects revolutions that began in the late Seventies, Ray Harryhausen was a good as it got. I mean, the first encounter with Talos in Jason and the Argonauts still looks pretty damned cool, doesn’t it?

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