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Watching the Flickr flow

Baez and BobThis shot of Joan Baez and Bob Dylan performing in August 1963 is just one of┬áscores of remarkable photos taken by Dr. John Rudoff, a cardiologist who chronicled the Philadelphia folk music scene in the early Sixties before going to medical school. His collection, available on this Flickr page, includes shots of His Bobness traumatizing the 1965 Newport Folk Festival with his electric guitar. I’m particularly taken with this snap of Son House taken at the festival.

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Blue Monday (The Day After)

Shame on me for missing the 20th anniversary of the death of Son House, collaborator with Charley Patton and role model for Muddy Waters. The clip above is Son House performing “Death Letter,” and the clip below is “John the Revelator.” Let Michael Gray fill you in on the rest.

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