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Friday finds

Mark Doty, newly minted winner of the National Book Award for poetry, reads his poem “Charlie Howard’s Descent” in the clip above. Read an interview here.

It is so fiendishly powerful that its scent causes elephants to flee in terror. And yet, I feel strangely compelled to try it sometime.

This review of Ken Tucker’s Scarface Nation: The Ultimate Gangster Movie and How It Changed America doesn’t make me want to give Brian De Palma’s 1983 blood- and cocaine-crusted crime epic another look, though there’s no disputing Tucker’s point that the film has made a huge impact on hip-hop and gangsta wannabe culture. (Oliver Stone once said that when he was in Central America doing research for his 1986 film Salvador, he learned that Scarface was hugely popular among the death-squad members of El Salvador.) But if I do get the urge, I’ll just watch this YouTube clip, which boils the film down to its NSFW essentials.

A tribute to the late critic and cultural writer John Leonard. Here’s some of his advice for book reviewers.

Goggle is posting millions of images from the archives of Life magazine. Warning: Major time-suck potential.

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