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Speaking of drinking . . .

This Book Bench columnist and mixologist, deputized to connect literary characters with cocktails, apparently believes that a Sparkling Sunrise would be a good tipple for Holden Caulfield. This passage had me wondering if the mixologist hadn’t been taste-tasting his suggestions before hitting the computer:

How could a tequila sunrise, topped with champagne, possibly find its way to Holden Caufield’s lips? Why would he ever order it in the first place? Unbeknownst to Holden, he has set course for the mythical land of authenticity, a state of presence that has underpinnings in Heidegger, and uber-underpinnings in the Buddha. This well-made cocktail, with its painstakingly assembled ingredients, is the perfect first step on his journey.


My sources tell me that future mixology columns will connect Conan the Barbarian with a Pink Squirrel, Anna Karenina with a Slow Comfortable Screw and Tarzan with a Fuzzy Navel. I’ll keep you posted.

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