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Happy Father’s Day

The movie geeks also known as the Horror Dads are marking Father’s Day the best way a movie buff can: by talking about fathers in horror movies.  I’m particularly taken with Paul Gaita’s bit on Cook, the put-upon paterfamilias of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, forever trying to keep his psychopathic sons in line (“Look what your brother did to the door!”) while keeping the muss and fuss of cannibalism to an absolute minimum. Just as good is Greg Ferrara’s take on John Baxter, the mourning skeptic whose bravery, combined with his unwillingness to accept a supernatural explanation for anything happening around him, leads to tragedy in Don’t Look Now. Though its stretching the boundaries of what would be considered a horror movie, I would throw in King Casiodorus (Peter Eyre), the not-quite-villain of the underrated 1981 fantasy film Dragonslayer, who institutes a sacrificial lottery to protect his kingdom from a marauding dragon, and then perverts it to protect his daughter. (When the daughter learns of his perfidy, she responds with an act of self-sacrifice that is only one of the ways this neglected film upends the cliches of high fantasy.)

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