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Friday finds

EclipseThe longest solar eclipse of the century took place Wednesday. Check out this gallery of images from Asia.

A novel idea for an alternate-history novel.

Is it true that forty percent of all the books that get printed are destroyed? Well . . .

Cat ladders from around the world.

Now here is the island that should have been used as Azkaban.

I have never listened to anyone who criticized my taste in space-travel, sideshows or gorillas. When such occurs, I pack up my dinosaurs and leave the room.”

Aliens and robots are invading vintage postcards!

Watergate felon G. Gordon Liddy has been a sad joke for decades, so it’s no surprise to see this dotty wingnut radio squawker is one of the loons demanding to see President Obama’s birth certificate. Nor is it a surprise to see him lying through his teeth on television.

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