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Samuel R. Delany on writing science fiction: “I had nothing else to do, and it was fun.”

Wells Tower on nature and revision: “A male moose will jump into the lake with the idea that a female moose is on the other side, and then he’ll get to the other side . . .” 

George Scialabba on conservatism: “It may be a delusion, as Conquest repeats endlessly, to imagine that state power can ever create a just society. But one reason some people are perennially tempted to try is that private power is generally so comfortable with unjust ones.”   (From Scialabba’s new book.)

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Spring is in the air, and a young man’s thoughts turn to . . . oh, you know. Springlike kinds of activities. Starting a garden. Tidying up the backyard. Raising a crew and heading off in a dragon-prowed longboat to rape and pillage in far-off lands. Stuff like that.
For those looking to get in touch with their inner berserker, I recommend the title story of Wells Tower’s new collection, Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned. Check out the video pitch for the book above. Though I already knew about the winsome little atrocity the Vikings called the blood eagle, I have to say Tower describes it with a vividness that would make even Quentin Tarantino feel a little woozy. If you want to know more, read this review.

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