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Friday finds

Check it out at the Graphic Design Blog.

Who can resist reading something with the title The Icelandic Skin-Disease Mushroom Fashion Fiasco?

For that matter, who can resist the idea of a Muppet version of The Wicker Man?

Thinking of going for an academic career? Better read this first. (Bird-dogged by Jeff.) And then read this.

The WFMU fundraising drive is in effect.

I knew film critic Roger Ebert had been battling serious health issues (namely, the loss of his lower jaw to cancer) for some time, but this Esquire piece really lays it out in detail. Ebert himself seems of two minds about the revelations. And here is Ebert speaking again for the first time in four years.

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FMU do you love?

WFMU is having its annual fundraising drive. They can use some dough. Just thought you’d like to know. Not only do I like them, but I have one of their T-shirts. It has the Pulaski Skyway on it. Around here, that’s a big deal. Not only that, one of their DJs has a really good blog.

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