Friday finds

Who needs a floor show when Jack Nicholson is watching a Lakers game? Buzzfeed compiles the best snaps of Uncle Jack upstaging the players.

Jeff Sypeck has turned his translation of the fifteenth-century Middle Scots poem The Tale of Ralph the Collier into a nifty little paperback book. Here’ your chance to be a patron of the arts and scholarship.

How freakin’ cool is this facade on a building in Amsterdam?

An astonishing collection of images from the Rub’ al-Khali, Saudi Arabia’s “Empty Quarter,” and an equally astonishing variety of sand dunes. Perhaps Pierre Morel, the director of a planned remake of Dune, should consider filming there. Though I think David Lynch’s 1984 film is somewhat underrated — the first half, with its criss-crossing plots and panoply of bizarre creatures, works surprisingly well considering Lynch’s avowed lack of interest in narrative — the visualization of Arrakis was very disappointing. It ended up looking like a big beach, with the ocean kept out of sight. Incidentally, the magazine that ran the piece, Saudi Aramco World, regularly offers beautiful images and solid writing on topics you won’t see covered anywhere else. And the print edition is free. 

Podcast alert! Christopher Lydon has an excellent conversation with Terry Teachout about Teachout’s new biography of jazz trailblazer Louis Armstrong. And Bat Segundo delves, among other topics, into the question of whether Armstrong had an FBI file.

Now it can be told.

Lucky fella Dennis Cozzalio interviews Stuart Gordon, director of the gruesomely hilarious splatter classic Re-animator, on the occasion of Gordon’s film series at the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles. Some of the choices are more surprising than others — Theater of Blood is one thing, but The Swimmer? Little Big Man? — but the roster is a reminder that Gordon’s range goes beyond jovially disgusting H.P. Lovecraft adaptations to encompass David Mamet plays and deliberately provocative theater pieces.

Read all about Love’s Compass and its author, Mary McAvoy, who is the first author I’ve booked for an appearance at my soon-to-open bookstore, Nighthawk Books.

And yea, verily, there was rejoicing throughout the land because Kung Fu Monkey is once again featuring Guitar Friday. Read the love odes to the Gibson Les Paul and the Fender Stratocaster.

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One thought on “Friday finds

  1. Hi Steven – Glad to see you plugging Saudi Aramco World. Thought I was the only guy in North America enjoying articles on Islamic tile designs and the protection of the remaining oryx herds. Thankfully, that’s not so. 🙂

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